Our Story

As world travelers exploring a multitude of culinary worlds and gathering specialty oils from different corners of the globe, we created Fork & Leaf to represent the best fats and oils of each continent and culture.

We ended up with a huge collection of oils that did not make it easier for the household cook standing overwhelmed at the grocery store.

We partnered with dieticians, industry experts, chefs and household cooks to select, blend and offer an answer to : What’s the best oil to cook with?

We listened to the homecooks to identify their most common need for oils and fats.

We worked with dieticians to pick the healthier oil options by avoiding genetically modified oils, high trans fats and cholesterol.

We partnered with chefs to select oils that would enhance the flavor and texture while maintaining the optimal smoke point for each cooking technique.

The result is a collection of Fork & Leaf oils for all your cooking needs.

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