Grape Seed Oil

Fork & Leaf Grapeseed Oil is an everyday oil. The mild aroma and flavor makes you reach for it when preparing pasta sauces, soups and salad dressings. Its relatively high heat is the reason you reach for it when baking and stir-frying. Fork & Leaf Grapeseed Oil has one of the highest levels of polyunsaturated fats of all vegetable oils.

You’ll want to store in a cool, dark place to preserve the quality of the oil. When you’ve used all of your Fork & Leaf Grapeseed Oil, please recycle the bottle.

  • Smoke Point:420 °F
  • Flavor Profile:Mild
  • Health Benefits:High in Vitamin E
    Cholesterol Free
    10 grams Polyunsaturated Fat
  • Ingredients100% Grapeseed Oil
  • Certifications:Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Sizes available:32 Fl. Oz.
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